Automatic to Fitbit bridge

Your trips recorded by the Automatic car adapter will be instantly logged in the Fitbit app.

  1. Sign in with Automatic

  2. Connect to Fitbit

  3. Receive your trip log into Fitbit.

The details

  1. To use this service, you need an Automatic car adapter and a Fitbit account - having a Fitbit fitness tracker is not required.

  2. After you complete a car trip with your Automatic car adapter (stop driving, turn ignition off), it will be added in Fitbit as a "Driving" activity.

  3. Your trips are never stored or sent to a third party, they are immediately forwarded to Fitbit.

  4. Your private data is never shared with a third party or used for purposes other than trip logging.

  5. After connecting both ends, you won't have to do anything - the trips will appear as soon as they are uploaded to Automatic from the car adapter.

  6. You may receive an email on your Automatic address if you ever need to re-authorize, never for marketing updates or advertisements.

Made by Leonid Shevtsov. Automatic and Fitbit are trade marks of the corresponding parties.